Embracing Community Partnerships

Fort Ancient

Fort Ancient’s audience demographic is dynamic, well-educated and quick to embrace new educational concepts, technologies and opportunities. In conjunction with a complete benefits menu and dedicated staff for support and services, SunWatch Partners have the tools to create powerful, rewarding and mutually-beneficial collaborations.

Sponsors should be proud of an investment, and it is appropriate that an investment offer direct marketing returns. While our sponsorship partners enjoy an sense of goodwill for supporting important educational initiatives, we are also pleased to offer tangible marketing benefits in return. Our Development and Marketing teams work to coordinate packages that meet the unique needs and philanthropic goals of all community partners.

 Sponsorship of Fort Ancient programs and exhibits can include recognition through print and media, naming rights, complimentary passes, membership discounts, and private access to Fort Ancient for after hours use and more. For more information, please call 937-275-7431 ext. 152.

 Amazing things happen when a community comes together to preserve its history, learn about a rich, diverse cultural heritage, and to educate its children. Those who are very knowledgeable on a subject come together with those that are curious and new insights blossom that strengthen individuals as well as communities. When children’s natural excitement for learning is fed their enthusiasm expands into every area of education. All of this is supported and nurtured by the patrons: individuals, businesses and foundations that understand how essential it is to make a commitment to the future and to continue to build and reinforce an educational infrastructure which includes experiences such as Fort Ancient

Sponsorship is critical to our mission. Not only does it provide financial resources for programs, exhibits and on-going research, but it is also an outward symbol to the community of importance of this educational resource. This support is really about community collaboration. Everyone benefits from the learning taking place at Fort Ancient. Students—whether the youngest preschooler, their teachers or scholars; visitors—curious adults or guests taking advantage of the scenic grounds; and sponsors—major corporate funders, foundation grantors or individuals making personal commitments to the site; all are beneficiaries of the work done here.