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Fort Ancient is one of 50+ historic sites and museums of the Ohio History Connection. 

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World Heritage Status:

Looking to the Future of Fort Ancient

Due to its unique nature and qualities, Fort Ancient has earned a place on the "short list" for World Heritage status as part of a group of sites in Ohio that preserve eight 2,000 year old Hopewell ceremonial earthworks located across the region.

Given that the criteria for UNESCO World Heritage includes clear manifestations of "outstanding universal value" and "human creative genius", Fort Ancient, as the largest and best-preserved hilltop enclosure in the United States, is an ideal candidate for this prestigious designation.

However, successfully achieving World Heritage status requires that all efforts and resources are focused on the goal of providing the best possible learning experience for the 26,000-plus current annual visitors: enhanced educational programs, more outreach, and better maintenance.

This sought-after designation should prove invaluable for the long-term well-being of Fort Ancient, as World Heritage status would increase the site's standing on the global stage, joining places like Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China on the list. As proved by other sites added to the World Heritage List, this effort will foster a deeper appreciation of the site's worldwide significance, and increase tourism for southwestern Ohio.

In preparation for this process, the Ohio History Connection and Fort Ancient Earthworks & Nature Preserve are currently working together to complete a new historic site management plan that will carry the site into the future.

See an overview of the nomintion here, then learn more about this unique network of sites, as well as efforts to achieve World Heritage status for the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks.